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Composed entirely of one material which is 100% Stainless Steel


It conquers all, including corrosive salt water to withstand eons even at the bottom of the ocean


Fireproof up to 1200°C/2100°F. Crypto 3 System is ahead of fire-resistant class-350.4 top-rated vaults


Built to withstand even a million volts. Zap it with whatever you want, Crypto 3 System will not be affected




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Stamp your private keys and passwords onto a stainless-steel plate. You can watch the online simple step by step training video. There are 3 stainless steel plates in the kit – so you can make three copies of your information.

If you wish, for added security, you can alpha numerically encode your passwords using the free encoding software at. A specific video shows you how to use this simple software.

Conceal each plate in three separate places. Eg: your safe, your bank, under the floor boards, buried in your garden.
You now have peace of mind knowing your cryptos are SAFE.

An Elegant Solution? Not really. This technology is AS OLD AS THE HUMAN RACE.
A Simple Solution? YES. Anyone, young or old can INSTANTLY use the Crypto 3.
Effective? YES. It is the SIMPLEST solution.
Fast? YES. It normally takes LESS THAN ONE HOUR for you to stamp all your private keys, seed words, pass words and other crypto information.


Crypto 3 is simplest indestructible backup tool for offline storage of your private keys, passwords and wallet recovery seeds without any third-party involvement.

Your Crypto 3 plates will protect your digital assets. from memory loss, hackers, fire, flood, paper degradation, all kinds of corrosion – you name it – you are protected. Crypto 3 is the DIY equivalent of engraving—which is the most proven and reliable method of storing information invented to date.

Your Crypto 3 kit provides everything you need to record your crypto info.
Three large stainless-steel plates.
Wooden box containing industrial grade letter and number stamps.
A steel marker pen.
A Centre punch.
Optional use of encoding software.
Training videos.
The only thing you will need to provide is a small hammer to hit the stamps.

You simply use the marker pen provided and write all your information onto the steel plate.
You then stamp all the information with the letters and numbers provided.
If you want additional privacy, you can use the free alpha-numeric encoding software. This is optional.
Hide the plate in a safe place. You can repeat the process three times on three separate plates for maximum chances
of retrieval.

You can store ANY information with the letters and number stamps.
Private keys.
Public keys.
Seed words.
Bank account numbers
PIN numbers
Access to Trezor, Ledger Nano, Keepkey and all hardware wallets.
Any alpha numeric combination.

It does not matter how many characters your information contains – unlike other ‘solutions’, there is no character limit with Crypto 3.

Crypto 3 is a permanent record so that you an access your crypto assets on the blockchain.
Unlike paper wallets, which can easily be destroyed, Crypto 3 is made from EN 24 Stainless steel, which is fireproof to 2750 F. Basically, it cannot melt in any house fire.

This freely available software is an optional extra, and can be used if you want maximum security, ie: only you can understand what is stamped on the plate.
The coding software that we use is freely available online. No program or person is monitoring the use of this software.
We provide a short training video that shows you how to make sure that no one can ever figure out your code and passwords – even if someone was watching over your shoulder, or a hacker was monitoring your use of the coding software. This ensures your cryptocurrency access details are 100% safe from hackers, snoopers, etc.

Of course, watch and click this YouTube video.
You will be amazed at how simple it is.

When you purchase a hardware wallet they give you a piece of flimsy card to record your access codes and seed words. You are instructed to use this in the event you lose your Trezor, Keepkey or Ledger. That card is vulnerable to fire, to water damage, to many forces of nature.
The Crypto 3 replaces that card and becomes a 100% reliable, simple to read and use recovery device.

Paper and plastic is easily damaged, whether it be by fire, water, sunlight, physical damage, even your neighbour’s dog! Crypto 3 is virtually indestructible. Simply stamp your plates then secrete them away.

You need tocarefully double check that you have copied the information. After stamping your plates, check that the information on your Crypto 3 plates is the same as the information on your recovery card and that your other information, ie: private key is accurately copied, account numbers etc.

This is the beauty of Crypto 3, you have two other back-ups. You can go into your accounts, using another of your Crypto 3 plates if need be – and immediately change your access details, PIN numbers or/ and passwords.
If you have used the free coding software and used your own code – the stolen Crypto 3 plate is no use to anyone else – because they will not know how to read the code. So your crypto assets are still safe. However, we would always advise that if you lose a plate, go into your accounts and reset the seed words, passwords, PIN numbers etc.
You can use on of your spare plates or order more plates from us at the existing client 25% discount rate.

You know your house situation better than anybody else.
You need to think of three good places to conceal your plates.
You could conceal a plate under the carpet or floorboards, you could conceal a plate in your water tank, (remember these plates will never rust or corrode), you could even consider putting a plate buried in your garden. You may choose to conceal your plates away you’re your home, maybe in a safe deposit box, at a trusted friend or relatives house, your place of work, your accountants or a bank vault.
We would recommend that you trust no one. Do not tell anyone what the information on your plates mean. If you are in any doubt, do not tell them.
And if you are in any doubt as to what a safe place is for your plates, then use the simple coding software. Watch the training video and in a couple of minutes you will have your own alphanumeric code that only you can understand.
Then it will not matter who fins your plates, they will not be able tosteal your digital assets.

You can contact us anytime. The best way is by email. Please email us at [email protected]

If for any reason you are not 100% delighted with our Crypto 3 plates simply get in touch with us and we will arrange a no questions asked refund. There is no time limit.

The owner of the company, Francis Taylor, invented the Crypto 3 out of necessity. He is a trained engineer and needed a simple system to protect his cryptocurrencies and digital assets. He already has had one engineering company for nearly 30 years.

He was asked by several friends to provide the Crypto 3 kit to them. So he started Crypto 3 in 2017 to help fellow owners of digital assets, to protect your own digital assets – from hackers, fire, theft, memory loss and other tragic events that happen.
Crypto 3 is here to help you – and give you total protection of your cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Protect your Cryptocurrencies Now

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