What do Clif High and Max Keiser have in Common?

Clif High is one of the most highly respected, intelligent and forward thinking experts on crypocurrencies in the world today. He was recently being interviewed on YouTube by jsnip4 and Bix Weir, collectively known as The Three Amigos(see their details below).

See what Clif High has to say about losing Crypto passwords and access information.

Every single day, millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies are lost by their owners – and they are lost forever.


There seem to be two main reasons.

  1. People simply don’t believe that they will forget or misplace their digital asset access information.
    They think it is no problem looking after paper wallets, hardware walleys, (like Trezor, Ledger Nano, Keepkey etc), they think that it is no big deal to securely keep their digital asset passwords, seed words, private keys.
    But life is not like that.
    At all.
    You have lost your keys, your mobile phone, even your passport – so what makes you think you will never lose your paper wallet, hardware wallet or even the useless paper back-up list?
    Sooner or later you will.
    And once they have lost them – it is too late.
  2. In general, the ‘flavor’ of communication surrounding cryptocurrencies on the internet is incongruent with the seriousness of the subject.
    You are potentially dealing with life changing amounts of money.
    Some people have already given up work; they have made so much money that they never need to work gain.
    That is – as long as they keep their cryptos safe.
    And you may never need to work again.
    As long as you keep your cryptos safe.

    However, many crypto currency ‘personalities’ seem to be more interested in telling you relax, chill out and quit worrying.
    They seem to think you are interested in their daily coffee drinking habits, their taste in music or even what they are eating that day.

    I guess, when you have made your cryptos safe, their is a time and a place for that. But when millions of unsophisticated investors are rushing into a new market, the very last thing they need is complacency. The very last thing YOU need is complacency.
    You need to be warned almost every single day about con men, scam artists, wishful thinkers, day dreamers, people with big ideas and no track record, hacking, fake ICOs, memory loss, theft, house fire, where to store info, who to tell, who not to tell, how to research companies, how to spot the reviewer who has been paid to lie, what not to share with your loved ones and family…. and how to store your crypto access passwords in many different ways.

    The list of potential nightmares goes on and on.You must plan for the worst.
    If it never happens, well that’s great.
    But if it does happen, thank God you protected your passwords.

I recommend that you Clif High, Bix Weir and Clif High for yourself.

You can see the full video on jsnips YouTube channel or watch it here

Also you can see Bix weir at https://www.youtube.com/user/RoadtoRoota

or roadtoroota.com

I would recommend you get Clif Highs excellent reports every month at https://www.halfpasthuman.com/

You can click here to protect your digital assets.

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